AS 625 KM

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Disc mower with 2-speed traction drive for difficult terrain
The AS 625 KM enables convenient and efficient forage production thanks to an outstanding price-performance ratio and low-maintenance operation. With a 62 cm cutting width and a Briggs & Stratton 850 Series engine with 190 ccm and up to 5.5 hp, work rates reaching 1,600 m² per hour are possible.

The AS 625 KM’s traction drive can be switched between two forward gears via the drive belt, with speeds of 2.0 and 2.7 km/h. The rear wheel differential can be manually locked for improved traction in difficult terrain.

The drum mower unit principle
Drum mowing cuts the grass cleanly without mulching. Four reversible double-side blades are fastened to the lower end of a drum and press outward when it rotates, cutting high grass up to 60 cm high a few centimeters above the ground. The long grass is then deposited in swaths for easy collection. Pendulum support means the blades give way and avoid damage if an obstacle is encountered, while a sliding disc determines cutting height and adapts to uneven terrain.

The guide bar can be adjusted to the operator’s height for comfortable work, or unhinged for compact travel dimensions. The 67 kg AS 625 KM can be easily transported in an estate car.

cutting width 70 cm
maximum grass height 100 cm
engine manufacturer B&S
engine designation Series3 INTEK
4-stroke engine, 1-cyl. / 2-cyl. YES / NO
displacement 344 cm³
maximum power 9,7/13,0 kW (hp)
rated power 7,6/10,3 kW (hp)
rated speed 3300 rpm
starting device, manual / electric YES / NO
drive, mechanical/hydrostatic YES / NO
number of gears 5
reverse gear YES
max. speed 3,6 km/h
automatic parking brake YES
limited-slip differential YES
blade clutch, electric / mechanical NO / YES
closed mowing deck YES
flail pairs 20
flail shape, Y / hammer YES / NO
cutting height 10 – 100 mm
both sides of the flails can be used YES
tank capacity 5 L
dimension L/W/H 220x84x105 cm
weight 196 kg