B&S Synthetic High Performance 2-Stroke Motor Oil

WARM WEATHER FORMULA -For use between 5°c through 38°C
BRIGGS & STRATTON FORMULA X 2-STROKE MOTOR OIL is specifically developed for high performance air cooled two stroke engine. The unique formulation was developed to ensure minimal ash deposits
and spark plug fouling leading to easier starting and less maintenance.

It should be mixed with clean, fresh unleaded or lead-replacement petrol up to 10% ethanol content (E10) is acceptable.


  • Low Smoke Performance
  • Low Ash Additive Package
  • Highly Refined Synthetic Base
  • Top Tier Classification Of JASO FD, API TC And L-EGD
Direction For Use
Ratio of Petrol: Oil Quantity of Oil
25:1 5 litres of fuel/200ml Oil
40:1 5 litres of fuel/125ml Oil
50:1 5 fitres of fuel/100ml Oil